OUT NOW!! New Single from BENEDEK, “Atomico’s Theme”

OUT TODAY on iTunes and all major digital outlets, Benedek‘s new single “Atomico’s Theme.”

Benedek on Atomico’s Theme

“These are tracks that were created in 2012 for a video game project I was working on while in school. The game was called Super Atomico 1990 and was a sort of space shooter without shooting in which you piloted a ship called Super Atomico and avoided asteroids and things.”

The game’s creators on Super Atomico 1990:

“A magnetized physics game meets Star Fox.Fly through dazzling environments, speeding past dangerous obstacles and repel deadly bombs. Collect coins and multipliers to get the high score and beat your friends!”

Get it now:

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OUT NOW! The first free release in Wake and Sahy Uhns’ new mixtape series, Swap Meet. What is Swap Meet? Glad you asked.

What do you do to avoid being bored in the waiting room at the doctor’s office, as a passenger on a long car trip, on Saturday morning while you’re waiting for your boyfriend/girlfriend to get out of bed, on the bus, on your lunch break, and while you’re using the bathroom? Sahy Uhns and Wake make beats. These are some of those beats.

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OUT NOW! Debut EP “Hg” from mHz

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We are proud to present our latest release, the debut EP from the incredibly talented mHz. Subtle intricacies and stark beauty make Mohammad Zareei’s “Hg” the perfect soundtrack for our transition into the fall season.

And now, a little about Hg in his own words.

mHz says,

“Although extremely toxic, mercury was traditionally thought of as the First Matter, from which all metals were formed. Yet, exposure to this exotic cold-silver looking liquid metal can cause severe health damages. In this EP, I used mercury as a metaphor for noise: an exotic singularity that can be dangerous, disturbing, and harmful, while being the richest source of all sounds. Pushing the limit to the fine line between harshness and pleasure, “Hg” is an effort to create an amalgam of trifling noises of everyday life, glitches of the machine, and digital oscillations on a persistence pulse. Beat and noise are fused here to make each other more interesting, taming the harshness, while preserving the provocativeness.”

-Dedicated to Martijn Zwartjes

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