Born and raised in Los Angeles, California, Benedek (aka Nicholas Benedek) is a multifaceted musician/producer inspired by the cultures and sounds of funk, hip-hop, soul, progressive rock and jazz-fusion, as well as house and techno. Benedek was introduced to the electric guitar at age nine and was naturally drawn to the jazz and funk music of artists such as Herbie Hancock and Jeff Beck, amongst others. His curiosity for the expressive capabilities of synthesizers lead him to begin experimenting with beat production on Nintendo’s Game Boy Camera software, which featured an Easter egg of a three-track sequencer that allowed him to start creating the Game Boy’s 8-bit sound he often idolized. With a growing interest in music production, the young Benedek began toying with the production software Reason, and then purchased a Roland HS-60, his first hardware synthesizer. Benedek continues to draw Influence from science fiction and the early video games of the 1990’s and is now sharing his own interpretation of the future through music. Incorporating his knowledge of synthesis and production, as well as his virtuosic guitar, bass and keyboard playing, Benedek takes listeners on a funk driven, soulful, progressive journey through the deepest reaches of the mind.