BearClaw is drummer and electronic music composer/arranger, Peter Gonzales. Hailing from the Big Apple, BearClaw started his musical career as an instrumentalist of sorts, and has only recently started to formulate a sound that combines instrumental performance with his disorienting and chopped sound design. With a heavy influence on “found sounds” from his extensive record collection, BearClaw's music is filled with tape-saturated nostalgia, extra-terrestrial waveforms and hand-held Tascam recorded adventures. Inspired by the sudden change of sonic and visual scenery in Los Angeles after traveling from coast to coast, BearClaws music reflects the contrasting cultures in which he has become so immersed. In the future, Peter hopes to rely solely on his own drumming and trinket tinkering for the instrumental content of his tracks. BearClaw’s versatile sound creates music for all occasions ranging from the club or the whip, to when you just feel like kicking back in your favorite La-Z-Boy to watch some Bob Ross. “Some things you just can't hear until you put your ear right up to it.”


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