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Sahy Uhns on “Courtship Dances” with CMJ

Last month, CMJ caught up with Proximal co-founder Sahy Uhns to discuss his second album, Courtship Dances (OUT NOW). Check out what CMJ had to say about the album and read through the Q&A while you stream Courtship Dances, here.

CMJ on Courtship Dances:

Every moment is significant on Courtship Dances; every pitch-shift or untethered beat stutter or low-end bass drag marks a change in the album’s dynamic.

Sahy Uhns on the narrative of the new album:

I often will write tracks to score memories or in parallel to a story I am creating in my head as I write. I make grander compositional arcs to carry the listener through from piece to piece and to balance out my tendency towards freeform and sometimes sporadic smaller compositional ideas. When someone listens to my records, I want them to be heard as one artistic statement, rather than a grouping of separate ideas….Read the full Q&A

Courtship Dances is available now on:
Google Play

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