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Beat Stew: Volume Five

We’re super excited to finally release Volume Five of our Beat Stew mixtape series! Lose yourself in dreamy dance beats and nod your head to the serious future funk. Featuring 10 new tracks from the Proximal crew and 20 more from a crop of seriously talented producers curated by Proximal’s label-head, Sahy Uhns, Beat Stew Volume 5 is our biggest (and we think best) yet. Joined by some familiar names from Beat Stews past like Co.fee, Mat/matix and Solar Shield and a ton of fresh talent like Maggey Pain, Banjax and Gaszia & Xian, we promise this mix will not disappoint.

Beat Stew has always been and will always remain a free mixtape, but we’ve offered it up as a Pay-What-You-Want release through Bandcamp this time because every donation helps an independent label like ourselves and we wanted to give people the option of throwing a couple dollars our way for 30 free tracks. Big thanks to those who have donated already! You can still type in $0 and download for free though and we’ll still love you. Almost as much.

Listen to Beat Stew Volume: Five here!

Name your price and download Beat Stew: Volume Five here!

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The Superconductor Remixes


“With the original version of Superconductor having such a unique production style, we thought it would be dope to get some other producers’ take on our sound. We reached out to some beat guys that we respect and started getting some nice joints from them. The timing was crazy because by the time we gathered the remixes, Simon had come over to California from Copenhagen to work on our LP. We were able to sit together, live and direct, and vibe to all of the tracks before we took them to Proximal. This joint is a great mix of styles from a lot of up-and-coming heat bandits from all over the world that give our debut EP new life. A nice lil appetizer to hold folks over until our full length is out of the oven. We are proud to present it. ENJOY!”


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New Wake Retrospective With 16 Unreleased Tracks “Old Sh*t…”

Old Sh*t (Picked, Mixed & Made New by Sahy Uhns) Because Sh*t That Is Old And Is Also The Sh*t, Never Gets Old is an atypical collaboration between Matthew Hettich and Carl Madison Burgin, better known as Wake and Proximal co-founder Sahy Uhns respectively. The record grew out of Sahy Uhns’ concept to create a Wake retrospective mix, a strange thing to do for an artist who has only just begun releasing his music. Here at Proximal we are just fine with “strange,” so the project went ahead and the resulting selections are a limited but unpredictable glimpse into Wake’s prodigious collection of unreleased music amassed over the last 10 years, the majority of which will still stay unheard…


“Years ago, probably in 2008 (I can’t remember), Sahy Uhns convinced me to give him every piece of music I had ever written and recorded. I mean everything– some of it from the late 90s (I think I started writing music on my computer in ‘99 during my freshman year of high school). When Proximal started I got involved and Sahy Uhns just kept bugging me to release a whole bunch of that old shit I had written. I honestly did not like the idea and planted a pretty firm “no.” It’s not that I thought it was bad, but this is supposed to be the future! I’m a bit compulsive and controlling, and also I’m obsessed with the new because I make a lot of music. Plus all of the mixes were wrong… With that said, anyone who knows the dude will tell you that Sahy Uhns can be pretty convincing when he wants to be. He just kept asking and asking and asking. Like, all of the time. Non-stop. I started to consider it– he had worn down my resolve. I started to get a little excited by the idea. Thus “Old Sh*t” was born; a record of my old shit. Some of these tunes I haven’t thought about in at least ten years like “Idemnity,” which I made in 2000 on a bootleg copy of Cubase, and “Hello Darling” which I think I made in 1999 on Fast Tracker in Dos).It’s nice to hear these tunes again, mastered and pro, mixed by one of my homies. It’s nice to hear my own history digested and presented by someone I respect with all of my heart. I hope everyone enjoys listening to them as much as I have enjoyed making them.”


“When I first got to Calarts I quickly realized that I was really into Wake’s music. Being the socially challenged spaz that I am, we didn’t end up hanging out until the very end of the year and then he graduated. Lucky for me, we were friends long enough for me to convince him to give me all of the music he’s ever made. That collection of music became much of the soundtrack to my time at Calarts. Because of Matt’s compulsive music making there was a lot to listen to/learn from. The more I listened to the music the more and more I became attached to it. I started becoming very fixated on the idea of doing a mix of some of my favorite tunes of his and putting it out. He wouldn’t let me but that’s never stopped me from much. So, after many “conversations” about it he finally gave me the go ahead to make it, and that is how “Old Sh*t” got started. I went about trying to make a wash of styles and moods showing off as many sides to Wake’s dynamic sound as I could. The mix kinda works like a dream. It’s a new story made of an amalgamation of memories (or in this case old tracks) and, like with a dream, the ideas can be wildly different and strange when put together. With the added benefit of his music already being very strange, the mix turned into a hazy nostalgic float through Wake’s odd and exceptional past. This music is great and you should like it…”

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